nothing is wasted

It is a Radicle philosophy that we revisit pretty much daily. Nothing is wasted. Reduce, reuse & recycle? Absolutely. Paper plastic- yeah. But as most things worth chewing it goes a little further than that. Use your resources. Assess what is already available to you. What are we working with, here? What can be reworked? Revised? Revisioned?

In the natural world, nothing is wasted. Water cycles through air and earth, transforming itself along the way. The soil reclaims organic matter, becoming richer in the process. Complicated systems move in flux, creating and reclaiming life, passing through balances, stretching, reacting, evolving. Constant motion in the micro and the macro. Nature finds what it needs, makes due. Makes magic from fertilizer, dirt and decay.

Nothing is wasted. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. Keep showing up for what is next. Be humble enough to listen. Get better. Take what you need, and leave the rest. Do not doubt that every seeming misstep is one step closer to exactly where you need to be. Your "detour" is your path. Note the micro and the macro, for they are yours alone. Be curious about how you are going to grow next, and allow your experiences to serve you, nourish your growth, and expand your understanding.

Nothing is wasted. Nurture your talents. You have gifts that are unique to you and you alone. This world is desperate for the light in you. That light you shine when you are well loved. That light you shine when you connect with your tribe. That light you shine when it is a good day. That light you shine when it all makes sense. That light. That light is always available to you. Something like a birthright.

Nothing is wasted. Invest your time and energy into the things you want to grow. Energy follows attention, so love intently and intensely, as it is only natural that that love will find a home. 



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